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Who's who at PICK SYSTEMS (Russia)

RICKWORLD, November/December 1994, page 46
The talent the lab in Moscow comes from a combination of computer scientists emerging from the post-Cold War restructuring of the Russian economy and established local Pick experts. Working hand-in-hand with Pick Systems USA's development staff, they help to make Advanced Pick the ultimate in open systems by spawning new and expansive features.

Office manager Irina Naidenko handles a wide variety of responsibilities: work hours administration, the quarterly employee awards program, purchasing, greeting visitors, translation, secretarial support and contract administration. One of the objectives she holds dear is to create a work environment conducive to productivity.

As deputy office manager, Marina Stepanova assist the marketing people, arranges appointments, helps administer employee benefits, communicates with dealers and handles a host of other duties.

Marina's husband, Vjatcheslav Stepanov, is one of the earliest employees of Pick Systems Moscow. When staff from Pick Systems USA are visiting, he's their guide and drive, but Slava handles a variety of administrative tasks (such as troublesome customs matters) and "other duties as assigned," to keep business working smoothly. Beyond his daily responsibilities, Slava plays a significant role in shaping the Moscow operation. As deputy director of Pick Systems Ltd., he is empowered to represent Pick Systems in the absence of David Zigray. Always ready to assist in the development of the organization, one of his current projects is recruitment of new marketing and sales personnel to support market growth plans. He also oversees security for the Moscow Lab.

Helping translate for U.S. visitors is one of the jobs of Natalia Kostioukevitch. Her bilingual skills also come in handy for translating Pick documentation into Russian, "a very tiresome process requiring a high degree of concentration and knowledge of computer terminology and concepts in general and specific features of Pick," she said. But she likes learning new things about Pick and communications along the way.

Development (Virtual, SQL, PIX and GraPick)

Alex Serov heads the development section of the Moscow Lab. Under his direction are four groups: Virtual, which is responsible for bug fixes and developing new functionality; SQL, which is working on adding de facto standard database manipulating tools to Pick; PIX and GraPick.

The manager of the Virtual group is Sergei Zhebrun, described by Serov as "brilliant" and "the most experienced virtual programmer in Moscow". Joining Zhebrun in the group is Georgy Brikov, who works on fixes and enhancements and is an expert in the UPdate processor; Michail Gnedovsky, a former senior programmer in the institute of Industrial Building but "playing on the good team" since he moved to Pick Systems; Alexei Nesterov, a system programmer since 1972, owner of a Ph.D. in systems programming and s specialist in the Output and UPdate processors; Oleg Khromov and Vladimir Zverkov.

On the SQL side of things, Andrei Marfin's current project is virtually everything to do with ODBC (open database connectivity). Also on the SQL team are Anthony Ershov and three Sergeis - Sergei Rabusov, whose tasks include writing and generating the Flash/BASIC version and testing it against other products; Sergei Vertjev, who also is working on ODBC, a "very large and very complex standard" for which he is writing a driver for Pick SQL; and Sergei Yurovski, who, with his comrades, is "looking for ways to combine the properties of SQL and advantages of Advanced Pick in the same product. This is the most interesting job I've ever had."

The PIX project has the services of Andrei Martinov and Sergei Fishkin. A new release of AP/Native for the 8086 processor is headed into a multimedia player (a Sony PIX-100), which Martinov calls "most satisfying and promising".

Leading their talents to GraPick are Ekaterina Perevolotskaja (Zigray), Alexei Lavrenov, Michail Karavaev and Nikolai Samoilov.

QA, MIS Group

Ivan Dylevski is manager of the QA and MIS groups. Like the members of his staff, Dilevski has been with Pick Systems since the company "demonstrated its courage two years ago," as he puts it, by taking its products and technology into Moscow and establishing a research and development lab. Daily communications between Dilevski and company and Pick Systems USA's programmers "gives a lot to both parties," he said.

The QA staff in Moscow includes Irina Shorikova, whose daily duties range from support of testing machines to analyzing test results; Natalia Zakroitshikova, responsible for the condition and quality of all test procedures (TPs) in her group; Sergei Marcov, who writes TPs - a "very interesting" yet complicated task, he said; Lida Dilevski, who investigates problems in Advanced Pick and writes TPs to reproduce them; and Vladimir Malkov, who performs dealer training when he isn't writing TPs.

Alexei Pavlov, Svetlana Samoilova and Ernst Kasimiv investigate AP problems and write TPs, and Lida Switich and Ludmila Chernova run TP sets on AP releases and analyze the results - all for QA.

On the MIS staff, Olga Shalimova writes and updates programs while "always trying to take into account somebody’s wishes." She also was the lead developer of the Pick E-mail system on which the company relies heavily.

Performing duties similar to Shalimova are Igor Khelkovski, who considers his job "one of the most important" at showing the advantages of using Pick, and Sergei Beshko, whose handiwork has included a font manipulation system that lets users in Moscow print multifont forms.

Alexander Kulakov and Natalia Kulakova also write and update programs. They have a lot in common away from work, as well. They're married.

Natalia Tarasova, another MIS mainstay, is responsible for the synchronization of MIS files between Moscow and Pick Systems' world headquarters in Irvine, Calif.

Rounding out the MIS group is Alexander Potryvaev, a hardware specialist who takes care of machine service and repairs. He also is designing drivers for a new fax system.

PxP, Russification

Lev Popov, one of the most experienced Pick programmers in Russia, is assigned to Pick-to-Pick communications project, PxP.

One another level of communications, Yury Stupak makes Pick "speak" Russian. He has Russified Advanced Pick for several platforms.


The instability of the Russian economy puts extra emphasis on understanding the country's new lows and how to put them to use an organization's financial affairs. That's part of Elena Andreeva's job as accountant general. She works with tax inspectors, auditors and various government departments on such funds as pensions and medical and social insurance. And, of course, she prepares balance sheets, financial reports and forecasts.

Andreeva's executive assistant is Irina Bobrova (Serova), who handles all the paperwork and a myriad of other duties. Andreeva calls Bobrova the "hands, feet, eyes and ears" of the accounting department.

List of Moscow Pick Lab
Name Photo Contact
 Dave Zigray email: zigray@dimensional.com
www : www.dimensional.com/~zigray
 Alex Serov   email: alexs@candy.bellcore.com
 Alexander Kulakov   email: akoulakov@hotmail.com
phone: +1 (905) 653-9614 (home)
 Alexander Potrivaev   email: apotryvaev@rencap.com
 Alexei Nesterov   email: Alexei.Nesterov@srm.ru
 Alexei Lavrenov   email: alexey@tnds.bellcore.com
 Alexei Pavlov    
 Andrei Marfin    
 Andrei Martinov  
 Anna Ivanchenko  
 Anton Ershov   email: ae@aha.ru
 Dmitry Popkov (Liber Inc.)   email: dvpopkov@mail.ru
phone: +7 (903) 585-5022 (cell)
ICQ: 8841806 
 Elena Andreeva    
 Elena Garkusha    
 Ernst Kasimov    
 George Brykov   email: gbrykov@kommersant.ru
phone: +7 (095) 561-3381 (home)
phone: +7 (903) 732-0986 (cell)
ICQ: 42719740 
 Igor Dubovitsky    
 Igor Khelkovsky    
 Ila Shabaev   email: ila@arkcom.ru
www : www.arkcom.ru
phone: +7 (903) 772-8790 (cell)
 Irina Naidenko    
 Irina Shorikova   email: ishor@src.samsung.ru
phone: +7 (095) 269-2926 (home)
phone: +7 (095) 920-4135 (cell)
phone: +7 (095) 797-2497 (work)
 Irina Serova    
 Ivan Dilevsky   email: ivan_dy@yahoo.com
phone: +7 (095) 413-5391 (home)
 Katya Zigray

Dsve Zigray 2020 year
 Lev Popov    
 Lida Switich    
 Lidia Dilevsky   email: ivan_dy@yahoo.com
phone: +7 (095) 413-5391 (home)
 Ludmila Chernova    
 Marina Stepanova email: vya3064@yandex.ru
phone: +7(985)761-4356, +7(916) 754-0324
 Michail Gnedovsky   email: michail.gnedovsky@sap-ag.de
 Michail Karavaev   email: kma55@aport.ru
 Natalia Kostioukevitch   email: Natalia.Kostioukevitch@iti.ru
phone: +7 (095) 425-7207 (home)
 Natalia Kulakova    
 Natalia Tarasova   email: tnv@pronto.msk.ru; tnv51@mail.ru
 Natalia Zakroishchikova   email: zakroish@tlsoft.ru
phone: +7 (095) 561-0383 (home)
 Nikolay Samoilov   email: nickolay.samoylov@telius.ru
phone: +7 (095) 582-5209 (home)
 Oleg Khromov   email: okhromov@ru.oracle.com
 Olga Grjaznova  
 Olga Shalimova    
 Sergey Bezhko   email: s.bezhko@mail.ru
phone: +7 (916) 674-1200 (home)
 Sergey Markov   email: mars@1c.ru
phone: +7 (095) 176-9362 (home)
 Sergey Rabusov email: rabus@rabus.ru
www : www.rabus.ru
phone: 612-52-55 (home)
phone: +7 (903) 124-7479 (cell)
ICQ: 10056000 
 Sergey Yurovski   email: serguei@tnds.bellcore.com
 Sergey Fishkin email: sfishkin@inbox.ru
phone: +7 (095) 784-5336 (cell)
 Sergey Vertev    
 Sergey Zhebrun email: zsl@post.com
 Slava Stepanov email: vya3064@yandex.ru
phone: +7(985)761-4356, +7(916) 754-0324
 Sveta Samoilova   email: Samoilov@tlsoft.ru
 Vadim Izhikov   email: Vizhikov@ru.oracle.com
 Vladimir Malkov    
 Vladimir Zverkov email: vlzv@writeme.com
 Vyacheslav Sokolov    
 Yourii Stoupak    

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